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Healthy Weight Management Programme

I offer a healthy weight loss package by addressing the underlying cause of your weight problems and can suggest healthy tasty nutritious foods that support your health and can optimise your metabolism.

Nutritional therapy is not about ‘dieting’ but about changing nutritional and lifestyle habits to support weight management and health. Nutritional therapy can identify and address factors that have led to weight gain and these might include sub-optimal thyroid function, poor gut health, blood sugar imbalance and stress.

With nutritional therapy, you will learn how best to eat for your long-term health, including maintenance of a healthy weight. It is not about losing weight quickly, but by losing weight gradually and reducing the risk of losing muscle whilst burning excess fat and ensuring you meet your body’s nutritional needs.

For further information to see how this approach to a healthy weight might work for you or to make an appointment, please call me on 01245 231906 / 07719 539 512 or email:

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