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" Dear Clare, I am absolutely delighted with the Plan you devised for me. I have more energy, more concentration, the stuffy nose is gone, the craving for chocolate and sweet things is gone, the excess weight is sliding away gradually with no effort at all and my insides feel comfortable. I'm eating more now than I was before I came to see you and the meals and snacks I eat are tasty and combine the foods that I like. I would have no hesitation at all in recommending your services."
Ann, Braintree

" I really value the advice, guidance and continued support I’ve had from Clare that has allowed me to use nutritional and lifestyle approaches to help me rebalance my life. I contacted Clare and with her guidance had saliva tests taken and following the results she advised a change to my diet plus a number of supplements.

With her help and support it was amazing to feel full of energy and I was able to get back to a full training programme and return to marathon running, which earlier this year I could never have imagined doing."
Jo, Chelmsford

"I went to see Clare for some nutritional advice. Clare was very understanding and explained everything to me. She advised a few simple alterations to my diet and a few supplements to take, and although this hasn’t always been easy, the results make all the hard work worthwhile! I can’t recommend Clare enough, I feel great!” Ann, Wickford

"I am so thankful to Clare for all her advice so far as I am feeling much better in myself and my blood sugar levels feel much more settled now. I have learnt the importance of combining different foods and staying away from sugars and artificial ingredients. My family and I now eat very well and thankfully they will benefit from my knowledge as well. With my diet I do not count calories or fat amounts as most of the foods I eat contain good fats, which in my opinion now are healthy to eat. I have even lost some weight over the past year without even trying, but then I am fairly active as well as I walk every day for 30/60 minutes (I find this helps me mentally and physically). I would highly recommend a consultation with Clare as it has been an enormous help for me."
Andrea, Colchester

Viva-Nutrition nutritional therapy testimonials

"I really value the advice, guidance and
continued support i’ve had from Clare."