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Achieving Optimal Energy Levels

Having identified factors associated with your energy levels, the first step is to address your diet and balance your blood sugar. Achieving a healthy blood sugar balance can help to reduce the highs and lows associated with a blood sugar imbalance and may reduce sugar cravings, irritability, mood swings and fatigue.

If I think that you would benefit from an adrenal stress profile (currently £97) then I will discuss this at the consultation. Testing will allow us to put together a specific adrenal support programme, using dietary and lifestyle changes as well as nutritional supplements. If your digestion requires optimisation then a comprehensive digestive stool analysis might be recommended – click here for further details. The results of the stool test might indicate the need for digestive enzymes or promoting the growth of the beneficial gut flora. Good gut health allows optimal nutrient digestion and absorption and proper elimination of waste products.

For further information to see how this approach to optimising energy production might work for you or to make an appointment, please call me on 01245 231906 or 07719 539512 or you can email:

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