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Optimising Energy Production

Fed up of being tired all the time? Want to know how to optimise energy? Many people consult a nutritional therapist for promoting energy levels and often people want to optimise their digestive health, balance their hormones and manage their weight as well.

By taking a detailed health history and examining your current diet and lifestyle, we are able to identify and address factors that might be affecting energy levels.

Nutritional Therapy may:

Achieve a healthy blood sugar balance, having a balancing effect on energy levels
Optimise digestion and absorption of nutrients needed for energy production
Increase the quality and quantity of nutrients in your diet.
Promote adrenal health - the adrenal glands are small glands located above the kidneys that produce adrenaline and cortisol and are released in response to stress and low blood sugar. Long-term stress or a high refined diet over time can cause the adrenal glands to tire and consequently an inability to produce sufficient amounts of cortisol that is needed for energy production. Cortisol is also important for immune health and so suboptimal levels may be associated with frequent colds and infections and inflammation.

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