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Optimising Digestive Health

You are not what you eat, but what you digest and absorb. Good gut health is essential for our health in general and conditions such as eczema and arthritis may arise from poor gut health.

Bloating, constipation and/or diarrhoea, flatulence, heartburn, indigestion, acid reflux, stomach cramp, IBS are all signs that the gastrointestinal tract is working sub optimally. Maybe you are taking medication to suppress your symptoms, have tried unsuccessfully to make dietary adjustments or are just living with your unpleasant condition. You might find that your symptoms worsen with stress.

Nutritional therapy aims to identify the contributing factors that have led to symptoms and seeks to optimise your gastrointestinal health and the digestion and absorption of food.

Following a detailed case history, a diet, lifestyle and supplement plan can be provided. However, if your case history suggests, it may be beneficial to recommend a test to examine your gut health.

A comprehensive digestive stool analysis can assess:
1. Digestion
2. Absorption
3. Inflammation
4. Immune health
5. pH of the gut
6. Beneficial bacteria
7. Pathogenic bacteria
8. Yeasts including Candida Albicans
9. Parasites

Although not essential, testing allows us to provide a more specific nutrition programme and can often reduce the number of visits for consultations, is more cost effective and less time consuming in the long run. Currently a stool test can be in the region of £200 or above (payable directly to the laboratory). Exact cost of testing will be discussed at the consultation. Other tests that might be beneficial may include a screen to assess intestinal permeability (‘leaky gut’)
or IgG food intolerance test (blood test). [ Keep reading ] >>

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