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Consultation Process

Prior to the initial consultation, you will be asked to complete a detailed nutrition questionnaire so that general health, family history, dietary habits, digestive function and lifestyle can be assessed. I am then able to analyse the questionnaire and spend time researching the best protocol suitable for you.

At the consultation, further questions will be asked to gain a greater understanding of your health and then discuss what factors may be contributing to any health concerns you may have. Functional testing (priced individually) may be suggested to analyse nutritional imbalances and then between us we are able to devise a dietary and lifestyle programme that may include food or botanical supplements.

Please complete the questionnaire and return along with a signed copy of the BANT ‘terms of engagement’. Please return to the address below or alternatively email to: Once I have received the forms, I will contact you to make an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

Please return completed forms to:

Clare Hayes BSc (Hons) FdSc DipION MBANT CNHC
Buttles Cottages
Stagden Cross
Essex CM3 1HS

To download questionnaire click here

Follow-up Consultations

Follow-up visits are usually recommended in order that I can assess your progress and readjust your programme as appropriate.

At least one follow-up visit is generally recommended, but more may be beneficial depending on your health and your goals. These are usually conducted at between 4-8 weekly intervals.

Viva-Nutrition consultation process